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There are endless excellent, family-friendly beaches surrounding the Pembrokeshire Coast, with many superb locations not five minutes away.

Little Haven


Starting from Redlands and heading west for 1.5 miles, the first bay you come to is Little Haven, a delightful little village steeped in coal mining history.

The village has a very friendly atmosphere and caters for families and single folk alike. There are three pubs and a cafe, making it the nearest eating venue from the campsite.

The beach is not very wide, but is sheltered by two high cliff faces offering wind-free sun and water bathing. At high tide the beach is restricted to a shingle shore but is still a very safe and fun place to while the hours away.


Just around the corner - quite literally - is Settlands Beach. This a beautiful sandy beach, again offering shelter from the winds due to high cliff faces on either side.

The only way to reach Settlands by foot is at low tide, walking around the beach at Little Haven or Broad Haven. Watch out for that tide though. You could find yourself cut off when the tide rises!

Broad Haven

The next bay across is Broad Haven. Broad Haven is a large sandy beach, within walking distance of Little Haven and Settlands at low tide.

On the front is a convenience shop, pubs, cafes, restaurants and fish and chips. Again, Broad Haven is a relatively safe bathing beach with clean waters and a shallow bay.


Leaving Redlands and heading East, will bring you to the lovely bay at Marloes. This is one of the most picturesque beaches in Pembrokeshire and proves to be one of the biggest attractions of the County. It's golden sand and rugged features bring beauty and the beast together.



Further along the coast is Dale, home to the West Wales Water Sports Centre, which caters for the novice and professional alike.

Dale has become well known as one of the classic windsurfing venues, due to a wide range of sailing conditions along a small stretch of coastline.

Sheltered from the open Atlantic by a headland at the entrance to the Milford Haven Waterway, the mile-wide bay gives a large expanse of flat shallow water at low tide with no strong tidal currents, ideal for learning basic skills and building up confidence in sheltered safety.

The area is statistically very windy; 70% of days peak at Force 4 or above at St. Annes Head (two miles from Dale) and the funneling effect of the Gann valley and local sea breezes often add 1 or 2 forces to the wind strength. This gives ideal conditions for harness, foot straps, speed, slalom and carve gybe techniques. Wave sailing venues are only 10 to 15 minutes away.

Druidstone Haven

Druidstone is a well hidden sandy beach between Nolton and BroadHaven, found by following small paths from the coastal road. This mile long beach has caves and rock pools to explore. For horse riding lovers, this stretch of coastline provides a spectacular ride. Contact nearby Nolton Stables.

Freshwater West

The sweeping sands and rolling dunes of this mile long beach became the centre stage for two key films in recent years. First, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and its charmingly crafted Shell Cottage. Second, Russell Crowe and the cast for the recent Robin Hood blockbuster. This beach is home again to walkers and surfers alike and is very popular.

Dog Friendly Beaches

All of Pembrokeshire's beaches, over 50, welcome dogs. You can choose from wide expanses of golden sand such as Marloes or secluded bays such as Broad Haven south.

During the height of summer (1st May to the end of September), some of the more popular bathing beaches have dog restricted areas (this includes Poppit, Newgale, Broad Haven, Dale, Lydstep, Tenby South, Saundersfoot and Amroth). On two beaches, Whitesands and Tenby North to include Castle Beach the restriction covers the whole of the beach.